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CloudTASK, the comprehensive IT engagement tool which lets you streamline the services you provide to your customers.

Contact Payroll

Contact Payroll development started in 1997 and has since grown into a robust integrated solution which will ensure that you process your salaries and leave accurately and manage your people efficiently. The Contact Payroll, Performance Management & HR software product suite has a range of optional modules designed to improve your business performance.

ACOS Procurement and Supplier Management

ACOS Procurement is a flexible purchasing solutions which has everything from purchase and travel requisitions to purchase orders, commodity and vendor management, goods received, payment requisitions and more, all in one application suite.

Our Story

We are an IT services provider as well as software development company. We've designed many succcessful workflow systems for the South African banking, pharmaceutical, engineering and procurement industries.

Our expertise ranges from software development and support for mobile, desktop and servers to the integration of database systems and the implementation of security and firewall solutions.


Preventative IT Management

CloudTASK includes a customisable web based checkpoint toolset. Setup your own set of checkpoints for each customer, configure each checkpoint's parameters, setup e-mail triggers per checkpoint and complete each checkpoint result by the cycle you choose.

Example: Setup checkpoints for weekly, monthly, annual or ad hoc.

The checkpoint feature produces an IT checkpoint report, including customer topology, recommendations and upcoming renewals to be presented to the customer.

Server and Network Support

We address server and network support in a different manner. We first look at the downtime risk involved, and ensure that uptime is maximised. We have a track record of 99.9% uptime.

We ensure that our customer systems and data is always available and online.

Whether the server is hosted in a data centre, services are in the Cloud or applications run from onsite, we take responsibility to ensure optimum uptime.

Backup Management

In today's world of organised cybercrime and hacker syndicates - added to the ever present IT data risks, test-restores, RDP preparation and restore-testing as as important as running regular and persistent backups.

We don't only run and monitor system backups meticulously, but we also do regular test-restores of system data and generate audit-reports to substiantiate backup integrity and the ability to successfully "fail-over" to a backups system - during a disaster recovery operation.

Security and Firewalls

Risk management, keeping network and servers safe from intrusion and viruses

Server Setups and Upgrades

Replace or upgrade server equipment to beneift from the latest technology available

VPN and Remote Access

Install fast, secure and reliable access for users who are roaming or working remotely, such as from home

Software Development

Planning, design, development and implemention of software solutions for desktop, web and mobile. Multi-user platforms with advanced system security, user registration, audit logging as well as workflow functionality.

Systems Integration

Integration across systems, databases, API and web services

Systems Analysis and Design

Analyse system processes, plan and design a system to optimise and implement controls


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