Business Solutions

The ITcontact support team boasts skilled and experienced IT technicians, enabling us to deliver outstanding service in today's business world. It’s one thing to deliver good service to a customer, but quite another to achieve this with regular consistency. However, it's exactly this kind of consistency that today's customer demands.

Our reputation of 99% + uptime and our ability to deal with business and processes of all sizes and types, will give you peace of mind.


VAS we supply and support: Reverse Billing on Cellular Networks

Integrated Services

Project Management and Consulting

Security Assessment and Network Auditing

Software Design, Development and Implementation

Network Design and Installations

Capacity Planning

Network and Server Upgrades

Server Hosting (Shared and Self-Managed)

Moving Businesses Forward

Moving a business forward often involves modifying and implementing new strategic solutions, whereas IT forms an integral part of a business system.

ITcontact developed software for the South African Banking industry, Universities South Africa, South African State Theatre as well as Pharmaceutical industry to name but a few.

We have expertise and the creative mindset to provide the correct IT-strategy for your business!

Upgrading Systems

As your business grows, so will your IT needs.

ITcontact has been serving customers and their branches throughout South Africa since 1998. Bushbuckridge to East London, Pietermaritzburg to Tzaneen, South Africa to the United Kingdom and South Africa to Australia, we've been supporting customers, setting up (site-to-site) VPN and expanded computer networks and propagated connectivity.

Workflows and Integration

Maintaining the integrity of information and data is imperative. Our AppSuite modules with supplier, purchase order and workflow features boast advance routing and a powerful Cloud presence.

An ITcontact innovation, ACOS Procurement and Supplier Management includes data security and integration between various platforms and applications. Example: MySQL, Microsoft SQL, TopSpeed, ODBC, and more.