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    Supplier payment remittances only include fully Approved Supplier Invoices & Payment Requisitions

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Supplier Payment Remittance Features


The Supplier Payment Remittance feature in ACOS allows for the batching of approved payment requisitions by supplier. Each batch can be individually balanced to a supplier account, sub-divided and matched to the supplier statement, whilst allocated to a company bank account.

3-Way Matching

Only Approved Payment Requisitions can be added to the Supplier Payment Remittances. 3-Way matching between the Purchase Order, Goods Received and Supplier Invoice ensures that the correct amount is brought forward from the Payment Requisition and added to the Supplier Payment Remittance.

Full Transparency

The initiator of the Payment Requisition is kept in the loop at all times. The level of processing and drill down options for the Payment Requisition is visible from the PO, GRN, Supplier Invoice and Payment Batch functions.

Auto Processing

Supplier Payment Remittance Run to automatically include Payment Requisitions with Payment Batch allocation.

System Intelligence

Supplier recon showing reasons for variance (reconcilling items to be specified by the user)


Supplier Payment Remittances only include Approved Payment Requisitions, which is made up of Authorised Purchase Orders (only where Goods and Services Received were acknowledged)

Remittance Switching

Supplier Payment Remittance swithing between payment batches for a larger team in accounts payable

Auto Batch Allocation

Remittance run auto-allocates supplier remittances to Payment Batch

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