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Review and Organisational Workflow

The authorisation process should not be considered the only stage of approving a purchase order or approving a payment requisition, but part of the integrated, overall review and approval workflow within the organisation by the Budget controller, Project Manager, Finance team, Director of Finance and the CEO (where applicable).

Single Approval Versus Multi Levels of Review

At its most basic level, an approval process involves obtaining a second opinion for authorising an expense, commitment, item, or outcome. Sometimes, an expense only requires single review & approval, but it may occasionally require multiple levels of review and approval. This is where the flexible authorisation, review & approval channels in ACOS delivers exceptionally.

Saves Time & Money

The approval processes (authorisation channels) in ACOS with the added features of Delegation of Authority, stand-by approvers, transactional approval limits, project limits and authorisation pools - imposes an organization’s internal processes, saves time and money, and creates a reliable system that can easily be repeated, replicated and audited.

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