Access over the web, desktop or mobile - Data only needs to be entered into the system once and it is adjusted throughout. This is a huge time saver that eliminates discrepancies and improves workflow, data management and insight.

The supplier portal enable suppliers to update information and product catalogs of their own, which saves them time, saves resources, and produces accurate information.

Budget Integration by Cost Centre - An important aspect of procurement management is tracking and managing the available budget as the spend has a direct impact on the organisation’s bottom line.

Creating and enforcing dynamic approval workflows can help businesses enhance the efficiency of their purchasing process by resolving approval bottlenecks and defining the authority required to make various sized purchases thus strengthening the purchasing approvals further.

A solution with rule-based budget controls and automated spend monitoring can make potential issues known before they impact your business.

System Controls and Compliance checks embedded for every purchase, every item, every step of the way includes:

- Automated alerts that highlight budget overruns so you can take actions to avoid them

- Dynamic approvals and compliance management that customizes to your priorities

- A transparent view of current spend by offering spend insights during the approval phase