Payment Requisition - Cancellation Request|

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Cancellation Request

Approved payment requisitions can be cancelled before finally including the requisition in a payment batch. The accounts department has the option to raise a cancellation request (with reason for cancellation request) for an approved payment requisition.
The cancellation request will be returned to the user who approved the payment requisition (at the highest level).

Cancellation Request Being Revoked

Once the highest approver of a payment requisition receives a cancellation request for the respective requisition to be cancelled, the approver has the option to revoke the cancellation request, including a reason for the revocation. The requisition will not be cancelled and the accounts department will be informed accordingly.

Cancellation Request Being Accepted

A request for cancellation will reach the highest approver of a payment requisition. The approver then has the option to accept the cancellation request. When the approver accepts the cancellation request, the payment requisition is cancelled accordingly.

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