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Supplier Management Software Features

Getting the most out of a supplier relationship involves careful contract management. Most businesses recognise the importance of contract management. In ACOS, supplier contracts can be managed centrally or by individual departments. Locating and organising contracts, is just some of the key features in ACOS Supplier Management.

Centralised Software System

One question which often comes up is whether a centralised software solution is the best, or if it’s better to let individual departments manage and execute their own contract management. There’s no one correct answer. Different organisations will find solutions that works best for them. In ACOS you could use centralised supplier management, give initiators from each department the option to create their own suppliers and management contracts accordingly.

Improve Productivity

Supplier Contract Management software, such as ACOS, helps organisations work effectively without having to create a system from the ground up. If your organisation has been completing paper contracts or using a combination of other programs to form a rough contract management system, transitioning to software designed for contract management may improve your productivity and increase the bottom line significantly. The main caveat is that the software should serve your business, not force you to completely upend work processes.

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