Purchase Requisitions|

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Purchase- and Travel Requistions

In ACOS purchase orders can be initiated from Purchase- or Travel Requistions.

Purchase Order Requests

A purchase order request allows a user to capture an unapproved purchase order for goods and/or services. Once it is authorised, the purchase order can be forwarded to the supplier. Purchase Order requests are ideal for a procurement officer, example when the individual making the request knows whom they are purchasing from (supplier) and the price of the goods and/or services.

Purchasing Process

A Purchase Requisition allows a user to begin the purchasing process by knowning little about the item and/or the cost. Users may choose to identify the supplier, items, and actual prices, or they may leave notes for what they are looking to purchase and give estimated prices. Purchase Requisitions are ideal when a company has a buyer/procurement officer and when a company wants to allow a user to request goods independently but systemically consolidate orders to suppliers.

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